C.P. (patient)

“Good morning, Dr. H,
Would it be purely in my head that I’m seeing/feeling results of the LE products I’m on? I’ve created a spreadsheet for monitoring my meals and daily “results”. I started the programme in earnest on Saturday the 10th. So far, the first things I’ve noticed are:
1.My skin is beautiful – like silk!
2.My bowel movements are far more regular, soft and quite volumeous.
3.I don’t have any “down” moments and feel very relaxed, but in control.
4.My moment-by-moment memory is greatly improved (I no longer have to THINK what I had for breakfast).
The other thing is that find I’m actually remembering why I got up to go to my bedroom, for example! That’s amazing.
I hope this isn’t all in my mind (sort of “placebo effect” ??)