Regenerative Therapy Introduction

Toxicity is quickly becoming a growing concern as more and more chemicals and toxins are used in products that increase the “convenience factor” of our daily lives.

Our aim is to remove, repair and revitalize.Bio-identical hormone replacement is key

The major difference between you at age 50 and you at age 25 is hormonal.

Hormones are molecular messengers which control healing, tissue regeneration, immune function, sexual function, memory and mood, strength, body composition, skin thickness, energy, digestion, and virtually every other aspect of human function.

When they hear the word “hormone” most people think only of the sex hormones, but there are many other hormones beside these. Other important hormones are growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and the adrenal hormones.

Age related hormonal deficiencies are the primary cause of all the diseases and symptoms of aging.

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