Titanovo Telomere length testing kit

Telomere length testing is used to give users information about an important health metric, which is strongly related to overall health and longevity. Users can track their telomere length over time and determine if their lifestyle choices are positively influencing their cellular health by telomere length.

Telomere length testing kit is able to tell users:

  • Their telomere length measured in relative T/S and in absolute length in kbp (kilobasepairs)
  • The dynamics of telomere length change overtime by doing consequent tests
  • How their telomere length compares with others in their demographic (age, sex)
  • How their telomere length compares with others who have similar and different diets

One telomere length testing kit includes: two sterile nylon swabs, two vials with DNA shielding solution, one prepaid (for domestic orders) return envelope, and two ziplock bags for secure return shipment.

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