Nutrition & IV Therapy

A low calorie, low GI, nutrient dense diet benefits health/prolongs life

Dietary fat is a major source of free radicals. Many age-related and degenerative diseases, including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cataracts, are associated with increased intake of fat.

In addition, dietary sugars chemically alter the proteins in your body, ultimately damaging your immune system and kidneys.

Following a low-fat, low-sugar diet is one of the most effective ways to slow down the aging process. More important, our practitioners will teach you how to shop for and prepare low-fat, low-sugar meals to make them part of your regular diet. High blood cholesterol, for example, can put undue pressure on the cardiovascular system, causing the heart muscles to age prematurely. By identifying this particular risk, we can increase the longevity of your heart and your life.


Depending on your case, a detoxification program may also be recommended. By reducing the toxin levels in your body, damage to your cells and stress on your cell repair systems can be minimized and ultimately slow the aging process. Carefully regimented dietary restrictions may be suggested to cleanse the body of ingested toxins it may be harboring. Chelation therapy to specifically reduce levels of mercury, lead, and arsenic is also available. We have practitioners available to guide you through a complete detoxification program including the infrared sauna.

The path toward greater longevity requires a steadfast commitment to healthier habits beyond these specific treatments. It sounds simple, but keeping active, eating a diverse diet rich in antioxidants, and getting plenty of sleep are some of the most natural, effective anti-aging measures that one can take. As with all of our therapies, we can help devise a plan centered on achievable goals for your health that mesh well with your lifestyle and personality.

Nutritional and Intravenous Supplementation

We have a variety of nutraceuticals and phytonutrients available to enhance your anti-aging therapy. These nutritional supplements are all natural and based on thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine.

Dr Haffejie will work with you to incorporate these into your diet to encourage better overall health and strengthen your immunity to prevent disease. Be sure to communicate with all your doctors before incorporating any new therapies, as some of these supplements are still undergoing FDA evaluation and may also have interactions with other medications you are taking.

Many of the supplements we recommend and offer to patients as a convenience are termed medical foods and all are extremely effective in optimizing health and vitality. By helping to limit the damage done to DNA by free radicals, nutrients can help slow aging at the cellular level by reducing the strain on the DNA repair machinery and keeping our cells healthier longer.

Intravenous nutrition with vitamin C and B vitamins all has anti-aging properties and provide energy to our cells. Alpha lipoic Acid is a universal antioxidant and is very powerful as a glutathione. These therapies are invaluable in ensuring that we get the nutrients we need because oral supplementation may not be effective due to absorption issues.

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