C.P. (patient)

“Hi Dr Haffejie,
I am looking and feeling terrific. No more sugar in tea or coffee. Very little coffee, actually – one cup at 4pm in the afternoon with one sachet of Xylitol. My abdomen is flattening and it’s become soft, so I’m doing some exercise to tighten it up so that I don’t go too flabby! (Not that anyone would notice, at my age!) I’ve had two strangers approach me while shopping and ask me what I use on my skin. Good grief, it really MUST show! How wonderful! My waistline is slimming down, from 89cm to 87 at the moment. I haven’t lost weight – it just seems to have sort of moved around into the right places. How strange. I’m back to sleeping a solid 7 hours without waking (unless my dog suddenly barks and leaps out of the bed, sending me levitating with my heart pounding!) I am being SO good with the diet, and SO diligent about what I put in my mouth.
I think you’re a star – and you probably think I’m mad, but that’s okay!
Thanks for all you’re doing for me.