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    All medicine comes down to this: Find out what doesn't belong in your body, get rid of it. Find out whats missing, replace it. The body does the rest

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    It's more important to understand the imbalances in your body's basic systems and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill

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    You are the CEO of your own wellness. You need to take back your health from the disease-care system

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    The fork is your most powerful tool to change your health and the planet; food is the most powerful medicine to heal Chronic illness

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    The body is one integrated system not a collection of organs divided by medical specialities. The medicine of the future connects everything

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    VitaminDrip - The original Vitamin Drip. Boost your metabolism & vitamin levels, enhance immunity and energise. Get your own personal IV formula

Patient Testimonials

"Thank you so much for this information.

I agree completely and are as disappointed in the medical field as Dr Shallenberger. Brett’s oncologist said the same thing. I was furious and insisted that he continue his vit’s. if he had not I don’t believe he would be in “as good” state as what he was.

"That Ozone treatment is phenomenal – absolutely mind blowing. You treated him on Thursday – by Sunday his hair had started growing back. He has eyebrows and a beard already. It is truly amazing.

Please can we make another appointment for this week – perhaps Thursday again?"

Warm regards"

- Cindy

"Good news, my weight this morning was 99.7 – first time in years it is below 100kg! I cannot thank you enough – I feel wonderful."

– Alida du Plessis (patient)
“It made a vast difference when I was again on full strength with everything.Have a great day and know that you still have my gratitude for changing my life around!”
– Frances Conradie (patient)
"Good morning, Dr. H,
Would it be purely in my head that I'm seeing/feeling results of the LE products I'm on? I've created a spreadsheet for monitoring my meals and daily "results". I started the programme in earnest on Saturday the 10th. So far, the first things I've noticed are:
1.My skin is beautiful - like silk!
2.My bowel movements are far more regular, soft and quite volumeous.
3.I don't have any "down" moments and feel very relaxed, but in control.
4.My moment-by-moment memory is greatly improved (I no longer have to THINK what I had for breakfast).
The other thing is that find I'm actually remembering why I got up to go to my bedroom, for example! That's amazing.
I hope this isn't all in my mind (sort of "placebo effect" ??)"
– C.P. (patient)
"Hi Dr Haffejie,
I am looking and feeling terrific. No more sugar in tea or coffee. Very little coffee, actually - one cup at 4pm in the afternoon with one sachet of Xylitol. My abdomen is flattening and it's become soft, so I'm doing some exercise to tighten it up so that I don't go too flabby! (Not that anyone would notice, at my age!) I've had two strangers approach me while shopping and ask me what I use on my skin. Good grief, it really MUST show! How wonderful! My waistline is slimming down, from 89cm to 87 at the moment. I haven't lost weight - it just seems to have sort of moved around into the right places. How strange. I'm back to sleeping a solid 7 hours without waking (unless my dog suddenly barks and leaps out of the bed, sending me levitating with my heart pounding!) I am being SO good with the diet, and SO diligent about what I put in my mouth.
I think you're a star - and you probably think I'm mad, but that's okay!
Thanks for all you're doing for me."
– C.P. (patient)
"Good morning Doctor H! I want to let you know that Carl Louis is definitely better. The meds and gluten free approach is working for him - and for me. I do have better and more sustainable energy. Thank you so much!"
"Dr H I feel FANTASTIC! I cannot remember when last i experienced this feeling of profound wellness. Thank you for this gift... W"

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