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Age Management: Hormone Replacement

age-science1-444x310.jpgHormone Replacement is The Key

The major difference between you at age 50 and you at age 25 is hormonal. Hormones are molecular messengers which control healing, tissue regeneration, immune function, sexual function, memory and mood, strength, body composition, skin thickness, energy, digestion, and virtually every other aspect of human function. When they hear the word “hormone” most people think only of the sex hormones, but there are many other hormones beside these. Other important hormones are growth hormone, thyroid hormone, and the adrenal hormones. Age related hormonal deficiencies are the primary cause of all the diseases and symptoms of aging.

We at the Optimum Healthspan Institute also specialize in measuring and treating the aging process with individualized programs targeted to increasing the length and quality of life, preventing disease, and maintaining the same level of physical, mental, and emotional well being that characterizes true health.

Almost everyone has heard of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement (BHR). Many popular books by Suzanne Somers and others have effectively spread the word about this important anti-aging and disease preventing therapy. Dr. Shallenberger has been a leader in the use of BHR for over fifteen years. He has written extensively about it in both of his books, Bursting With Energy and The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough.

It is important that you don’t confuse bio-identical hormone replacement with synthetic hormone replacement. You may have seen the headlines about synthetic replacement. It has conclusively been proven to be dangerous. Bio-identical hormones are not the same thing. They are the same hormones that are already in your body and no study has indicated that the use of bio-identical hormones is anything but healthy.

Bio-identical hormones are not just for women. Bio-identical hormone replacement is just as important for men’s health. Proper individualized replacement programs using these hormone therapies will make you feel and function years younger, while at the same time protecting you against the diseases and infirmities of aging.

Perhaps the only negative side of all the scientific and clinical information on hormone replacement is that it is just too good to believe. When the average person is told that there is an anti-aging therapy does all the following, it seems too much to be taken seriously:

  • Increases exercise performance
  • Improves overall energy levels
  • Enhances sexual performance
  • Re-grows the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, brain, and other organs that atrophy with aging
  • Causes an average of 14. 4 pounds of fat loss in 6 months without dieting and an 8. 8% increase in muscle mass without exercising
  • Improves cardiac function
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Causes the skin to be tighter and thicker and have less wrinkles
  • Improves mood and sleep
  • Increases mental function
  • Improves injury healing
  • Strengthens bones
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL
  • Improves immune functio

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